Dogwoof believes that a good film can make a big difference in how people see the world and social issues.

Dogwoof is now a social enterprise.

Social enterprises are social mission driven companies which apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose.
Our aim is to to accomplish targets that are social as well as financial - often referred to as the triple bottom line.
Many commercial businesses would consider themselves to have social objectives, but Dogwoof as a social enterprise is distinctive because our social purpose remains central to our operation.

As a social enterprise our main aim is to generate profit to further our social and or environmental goals, in particular to acquire and release more social issues based feature films and documentaries. In addition to this, Dogwoof will constantly improve it's Ethical business practises.

Today, we are the leading UK film distributor specialising in social issue films: documentaries; independent films and world cinema.
We release our films nationwide, backing the release with major campaigns.

The aim of this approach is to trigger change, and get people to take action. And the best way to do this, is by making the film available at cinemas and venues around the country, as shown by our record breaking release of The Age of Stupid and The End of the Line.

Dogwoof acquires all rights for exploitation through theatrical, DVD, TV, Mobile and Online.

Our main focus is ethical documentaries, such as The Age of Stupid, Black Gold, Burma VJ, The End of the Line and Food Inc.

We are also contantly trying new technologies, and new business models, which offer endless opportunities for independent distribution. Dogwoof has the freedom and the will to exploit them.

The company intends to build on the success of the last six years and its vision is to develop, expand and, above all, innovate.

Our approach - Simple - Transparent - Innovative

Other examples of successful Social Enterprises are Divine Chocolate, and Cafedirect. A social enterprise's main purpose is to fulfil its social and/or environmental goals. This is achieved by reinvesting the majority of the profits back into the business.