David Pearson - Producer

David has over thirty years experience as an award winning director, producer, executive producer & commissioning editor. He has successfully managed hundreds of productions, many of them on controversial subjects for the BBC, ITV, and a few for C4 including: Adopt Me I'm A Teenager in 2005, and including at the BBC: Under the Sun, 10x10, Comic Relief, Signs of The Times, Them and Us, United Celebrity Florists. As a producer and director he was nominated for the Prix Italia (Whose House Is it Anyway), twice nominated for the Grierson Award and BAFTA, and once for the Prix Nicki. He has won an RTS Award, FIPA, the Glenfiddich Award, and been commended at the Prix Europa, etc. Baglady, his film about Maggie a homeless woman for BBC 1- audience eight million- was nominated as the best documentary by BAFTA 1993 . Celebrity Florist for ITV in 2003 got a 23% share. Saddam's Masks MBC/ PBS 2004 was shot without military oversight and looked for Saddam and his legacy in post-invasion Iraq. David also founded the International Screenwriters' Festival in the UK for which he is Festival Director. It attracts 500-600 writers, producers and directors from 15 countries each year to celebrate the art, craft and business of screens story-telling. 

Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock - Producer

Elizabeth's career began at Working Title Films (Four Weddings and a Funeral; Bridget Jones' Diary; Notting Hill)  before spending ten years as a leading talent agent in London representing actors and  directors; Film Finance Executive at film financing and international sales company, MHFTV where they also had Executive Producer roles on the independent Hollywood movies with budgets of US$8-20M, they were involved with. She has been a script development executive and development producer on various feature films through her company, Wild Films. As Producer: Journey Man (Best Film Interfilm, Berlin; Best Int. Short film Amiens Int. Festival; NY Expo Barbizon Lighting Award; Runner up TCM Classic Shorts Award 2002; shortlisted Best Film by BAFTA LA for Taos Int. Film Festival).  Associate. Producer 'The Mentors' Si-Fi Series for Flextech. Elizabeth and David run Arturi Films  and co-founded and launched the International Screenwriters' Festival in June 2006, now in its fourth year with Oscar and BAFTA winning talents in the line-up. Elizabeth runs their feature film slate at Arturi Films.