Help the film get widely seen


You can also get information and provide support for the set up in memory of Mike Campbell who was the character at the heart of this film. The goal of The Mike Campbell Foundation is:

To promote and protect the rule of law and to uphold basic human rights that should be fundamental to society.

Mugabe and the White African is an important film about a desperate situation facing white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe, the knock-on consequences of which have brought misery, death, division, and starvation to Zimbabweans throughout the land, black and white alike.  You can make a difference to the future of Zimbabwe.

This film seeks to raise awareness of the crisis that has befallen a country shrouded behind a blanket media ban.  Arturi Films welcomes any support that you or your group/organisation can offer to further the distribution and wider exhibition of this film...

  • Encourage your friends to go and see the film now! See screening list here
  • Encourage your local cinema to try and book the film. More here
  • Organise a special screening of the film in your community, local group, church, college or arts centre.
  • Add a link to this website on your own blog/website -and  let us know
  • Join the Mugabe and the White African facebook group



Why we need help with the film

The producers and directors need your support for our campaign to help secure the widest release of the film around the world, which means spending money to go and attend markets and Festivals around the world to try and get the film shown (ensuring this important story gets seen), and allowing us to hold journalists screenings . After two years of unpaid work we do not have any resources left to do this. Any donations are gratefully received. Many thanks for those of you who have already helped. This has already allowed us to get more journalists and festivals to see the film!

To discuss these and other methods of lending your support for increasing awarness of Zimbabwe's need for justice, please contact