How it was made

The film was begun in 2007 and completed in 2009..  The directors Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson approached  Arturi Film's David Pearson  to see if he and his producing colleague Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock would help them make the film and produce it- as Lucy and Andrew had not made a long form film like this before. David had a lot of experience of making challenging productions and had a reputation for well told stories,, and  Lizzie had worked in film finance. They agreed that the story was strong and deserved to be told and production began. The film would be a challenge to make, logistically  and in its ambition: from the beginning it was envisaged as a cinema film with strong visual qualities, good sound and powerful story telling that puts the viewer at the heart of the experience that the Campbell and Freeth families went through. To read more on the way the film was made download an interview  of FAQ  with the producers and directors read here.