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The film is currently in UK cinemas- see listings though this link:

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The film will be released in French cinemas later this year. We expect the film to be shown elsewhere around the world and if you subscribe to this website you will be updated as news comes in.

If you live in the UK encourage your local cinema to show the film and tell them to contact the UK distributor Dogwoof.

There will be a DVD release in the UK in a few months time. 

If you live outside the UK or France and  want to help get the film shown where you live, please encourage your local cinema to ask their distributors to get the film. Write and encourage cinemas and distributors in your country to book the film by contacting Hanway, the sales agents for the film,  who are based in London, and are well known in the film world. Their address is: Hanway, The Recorded Picture Company, 24 Hanway Street, London, W1T 1UH, United Kingdom. Hanway will advise distributors in your country on distribution availability. Hanway

View the screening schedule