We want as many people to see this film as possible (and you can help us with that see below). However it is worth looking at the history of Zimababwe and Southern Africa to increase your knowledge of thsi troubled country..  See the dropdown menu  under the main Learn tab, to find out more about the Mount Carmel Farm where this film was shot and about Zimbabwe.


Get to others to see the film

If you want to make sure that more people see this film, encourage your local cinema to book it.  If you live in the UK, ask yoru cinema to book the film through Dogwoof- the distributors whose details can be found here.


? If you live oustside the UK and want to see the film

Write and encourage your cinema to book the filn by contacting their distributors and asking the distributors to approach the sales agents for the film Hanway in London (who are well known in the film world). Their address is: Hanway, The Recorded Picture Company, 24 Hanway Street, London, W1T 1UH. Tell the cinema's distributors  about Hanway- who will advise them on distribution availability. Hanway's website here

If you or someone you know can help us find finance to support the film being represented at Festival and marketing events around the world  which it needs to get the widest distribution and to help pay for publicity and marketing around the Oscar- please let us know. There is a Pay Pal point on the website for donations here


There will be a DVD release in the UK later this year. Watch for updates and subscribe to keep in touch.