The Team - Full Credits

Mugabe and the White African

Arturi Films in association with Explore Films, Film Agency For Wales and Molinare productions 

Directed by Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson

Produced by David Pearson and Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock

Executive Producers Steve Milne and Pauline Burt

Edited by Tim Lovell


Director  of photography - Andrew Thompson

Sound Recordists - Sebastian Dunn and James Snowden

Music composed and recorded by Jonny Pilcher

Archive Researcher - Daphne Mather

Re-Recording Mixer - George Foulgham

DI Colourist - Tim Waller

Online Editor - Justin Eely

Senior DI Technician - Andy Richards

Dialogue Editor - Claire Ellis

Sound Effects Editor - Lisa-Marie McStay

Post Production Manager - Alan Pritt

Post Production - Molinare, London

Production Insurance - Media Insurance Brokers

Production Bookkeeper - John Simon

Publicity - Sophie Toumazis

Stills Photographer - Robin Hammond

Titles - James Fletcher

Production & Marketing Assistant - Ron Brunwin

For Molinare:

Managing Director - Mark Foligno

Chief Financial Officer - Deepak Sikka

DI Film Consultant - Justin Lanchbury

For the Film Agency For Wales:

Head of Talent - Keith Potter

Production Executive - Kate Crowther

Talent Development Executive - Adam Partridge

PR Manager - Lisa Jenkins

Legal Services - Mary Brehony, Brehon & Co.

For C4:

Hd. of Documentaries - Hamish Mykura

Editor for More4 - Tabitha Jackson

Deputy Comm. Editor, More4 - Sandra Whipham

With Thanks to:

Mike Campbell, Ben Freeth and their family and friends

The workers at Mount Carmel farm and their families

Elize Angula

Jeffrey Jowell

Jeremy Gauntlett

Saima Nambinga

Chris Jarrett

Jamie Whear

Jaselle Williams

Antony and Bridget Bailey

Malcolm and Margaret Thompson

Kenny MacDonald

Rania Yahia


Arturi Films Ltd. In association with Explore Films,

Molinare Productions and the Film Agency for Wales.

Supported by the National Lottery

Through the Arts Coucil of Wales